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Timeline Of Content

00:00 Welcome

00:50 2020 Is Your Year

01:20 Getting Laser Focused

02:19 What You Need To Do

04:54 How We Got Tom Where We Are

06:21 The 90 Day Power Seller

07:48 The Results We've Gotten

08:43 The JVZoo Profile

09:49 How To Get Started Properly

10:23 Making Your Business Plan

15:09 John Thornhill Is More Than A Coach

15:15 Joint Projects

15:38 The Affiliate Jedi Order

15:54 We've Done Some Pretty Crazy Stuff

16:21 There Is No-one We Trust More

17:00 Introducing The Legend among Men, John Thornhill

23:17 The Proven Formula

24:00 Why Affiliate Marketing Is Not What You Think

32:40 The Proof Is In The Pudding

34:44 The Problem With Product Creation

37:47 The Fundamentals Of Success

41:22 Your Very Own Custom Built Website

42:43 $28,368.00

44:41 How Steven Alvey Generated $66,516

45:59 Your 99 Day Email Sequence

49:14 Getting Paid From Other Marketers Sales Funnels

57:22 Bonuses

61:08 Requirements to Make This Work

63:01 Omars & Melinda's Ridiculous Bonus

69:46 Your Questions Answered

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